Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tahun 70-an

tahun yg paling aku minat..
wlupon tapenah rase hidup kt zaman nih
bt tgk their way of life sume cm menarik lak tuk aku..
i'll give u some reasons why i like the shaggy waggy years..


the most memorable styles are of course BELL BOTTOM JEANS

Bell bottoms in the 70's were nothing like the wannabes we have today..
now its like sumorg pakai slim cut jeans that makes ur legs like struggling for breath..
the closest thing to a bell bottom jeans nowadays is the bootcut jeans..
its not really the REAL stuff but hell i have one of 'em..

and next is.......

i have one of these at home..
ppl call me gay bt go to hell!!

having this set of clothes made me a happy man..


in the 70's everyone listens to rock n roll..
which in my opinion is extinct nowadays since everyone listens to damn hiphop..
rocknroll is one of the most stylish music ever created..
its full of energy, got cool guitar riffs and its got COOL guitar riffs..
haha.. (im a guitarist so don't blame me)
here are some examples that i like and one of the greatest band around..

led zeppelin

ac/dc gamba ni agak cacat ah


need i say anything?
come on it gets ur butt (eventually your head) to shake that thang..
popular disco songs are usually from the BEE GEES..
ni mmg gerenti mak2 korg je yg knal..
cube korg tanye mak korg lagu stayin alive..
mau melompat mak korg nnt nk berdansa..

bee gees

so these are some of the factors that attracted me to the 70's..
maybe u guys just think that im crazy for liking all this,
but i assure u the 70's will make its comeback!
with me as the peneraju..
come on laa..
korg tanak ke ade boyfriend that looks like this?

don't u see?
when everyone looks like this, the world will be a better place..

ok maybe not..

Monday, March 16, 2009


i just learned that my friend, SMITH's father just passed away..
marilah sedekah alfatihah ntuk arwah, semoga ditempatkan di
kalangan org2 yg beriman..

talking about death, you never really appreciated everyday
when you wake up in the morning,
you complain about how bad your day was, about
how you'd rather die than living one more day in your life,
well one day you'll realize that you won't have
any of those days anymore, to be with your loved ones,
so im just shouting out to all of you, just enjoy your life,
be thankful that your still here today, and be thankful
that you can even 'experience' a bad day, because
the place that we're all going, there ain't no return ticket.

to Smith aka Zul Aiman, be strong. i'll always be here for u bro..

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


ni lagi satu movie yang aku tgk mase cuti2 bosan..
this is the last movie of Clint Eastwood who also starred in this movie..
its about an old ex navy or army who just lost his wife
and his ungrateful sons daughters grandsons grandaughters..
to be simple he hates his own family..
die nih duduk kt neighbourhood yg da xde omputeh duduk oh and he has a Gran Torino race car kesayangannya..
sumenye org2 asing yg perangai x ubah mcm beruk..
its like brooklyn la where its a heaven for thugs and gangstas..
so there's this one vietnam family who just moved into the neighbourhood..
eventhough he hates all these foreigners and even his own family,
he tends to like that family especially anak2 dorg..
dorg je la yg cm ade future sbb pegi skola dan perangai bertamadun..
masalahnye pakcik Eastwood and that family slalu kne kacau smpai
mencederakan budak2 tuh and even pakcik tuh sendiri..
dengan berlagak heronye pakcik Eastwood nak menuntut bela budak2 nih
by going to the asian thug's haven and nak gado2 ah..
bile nampak jeh org tua nih anak2 bajet gangsta tuh pon tekejot berok
and ready2 dah ngn senapang pistol m-16 dorg..
brader Eastwood baru je seluk poket die nk kluakan rokok tetibe da kne tembak
sebab gangstas tuh ingt die nak kluakan pistol..
org tua tuh pon mati dgn sia2 terbaring atas jalan..
when the police came the thugs got arrested coz attacking org tua yg innocent
sbb die x bwk senjata pon sebenanye, saje nak gertak budak2 tuh..
so akhirnya jiran kesayangan de sume sdeyh2 and budak tuh dapat ah kete gran torino abang Eastwood..
cite die agak simple dan aku rase bajet tok buat filem nih x byk pon..
moral die bukan smua kne setel ngn violence..
org tua nih pon bole pk..
and satu lagi jangan ah try nak jadi gangstas sbb people will end up hating u bi-atch!
oh movie nih amat mengecewakan membe2 aku sbb dorg tgk tajuk muvi Gran Torino
ingatkan cite lumbe2 kete tp sebenarnya cite pasal org tua yang mati sahja..

orang tua yang agak cool


i just watched this movie last week when i was in vacation..
dengan tiket yg berharga 5 euro sapo yg tanak g en..
tp yg x besnye dalam version french ah..
mcm klaka ah bile tgk mulut da benti tp ade bunyik org cakap lg..
back to the point..
jalan cite movie ni agak lah memeningkan kelapa aku..
dgn plot masa yg agak tunggang terbalik dan jawapan
kepada misteri yg agak"unclear" buat aku ngn membe2 aku
agak x puas hati bile kne blk jalan kaki tgh2 pagi buta..
dan aku pon x knal langsung hero2 Watchmen nih walaupon ade katun
de yang wujud masa tahun 90 an time kite kecik2..
but what i truly respect is the graphics..
especially in the fight scenes which is really detailed and you can 'feel'
the blood yang memercik..
membe aku yg agak pengecut smpi tutup mate tgk darah..
haha sori malik kene bocor gak..
im not shocked at this since the producers are from the movie 300..
all in all its an OK movie for me because i dont really understand the story..
but hey i watched it in french so maybe you guys who watched it in english may say i SUCK..

ni salah sorg hero die.. bang bang..

Sunday, March 8, 2009


1st post..

my name's shafiq sukiman..

will be 19 on 25th of may..

im nervous..