Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tahun 70-an

tahun yg paling aku minat..
wlupon tapenah rase hidup kt zaman nih
bt tgk their way of life sume cm menarik lak tuk aku..
i'll give u some reasons why i like the shaggy waggy years..


the most memorable styles are of course BELL BOTTOM JEANS

Bell bottoms in the 70's were nothing like the wannabes we have today..
now its like sumorg pakai slim cut jeans that makes ur legs like struggling for breath..
the closest thing to a bell bottom jeans nowadays is the bootcut jeans..
its not really the REAL stuff but hell i have one of 'em..

and next is.......

i have one of these at home..
ppl call me gay bt go to hell!!

having this set of clothes made me a happy man..


in the 70's everyone listens to rock n roll..
which in my opinion is extinct nowadays since everyone listens to damn hiphop..
rocknroll is one of the most stylish music ever created..
its full of energy, got cool guitar riffs and its got COOL guitar riffs..
haha.. (im a guitarist so don't blame me)
here are some examples that i like and one of the greatest band around..

led zeppelin

ac/dc gamba ni agak cacat ah


need i say anything?
come on it gets ur butt (eventually your head) to shake that thang..
popular disco songs are usually from the BEE GEES..
ni mmg gerenti mak2 korg je yg knal..
cube korg tanye mak korg lagu stayin alive..
mau melompat mak korg nnt nk berdansa..

bee gees

so these are some of the factors that attracted me to the 70's..
maybe u guys just think that im crazy for liking all this,
but i assure u the 70's will make its comeback!
with me as the peneraju..
come on laa..
korg tanak ke ade boyfriend that looks like this?

don't u see?
when everyone looks like this, the world will be a better place..

ok maybe not..


  1. ahaha teringat baju bunga bunga tuh
    time u beli i ckp ok je
    then john kutok2 aaa
    ok sumor kutok aaa
    hahaha ;p
    nvm la i still love you.
    eh if my bf look like austin power...
    aaaaa dunwannnn!!!!!!!
    hahahahaha ;p

  2. u know what, google the led zappelin curse. really interesting facts about jimmy paige ;p

  3. hehe..smgt bang tulih2 ni~:P

  4. hey im also into 70s stuff, but im more interested in bellbottoms. email me at efinie@gmail.com cheers

  5. hey mr anonymous..
    nice knowing there are more of our species in this world..

  6. hehe, hey dont mention..check out my bellbottoms http://www.flickr.com/photos/59667237@N00/3461739229/

  7. hello.
    aku pon suka 70s gak.
    mane ko dpt baju tuh?
    stail doh.
    bundle eh?
    kalo ko nk share email aku kat super_rickynova98@yahoo.com :)